FPV Racing Spain

We want to share our Mollerussa Drone Party 2016 report

CameraCopter frames

The team will receive soon their own designed frames. Stay tunned!

FrSky Horus X12S

First part of the Horus review where we check its specifications and new features.

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Yet another turn of the screw. A new iteration. The latest member of the T-Motor family: the F40-III. This is the third version of the brand's lead motor, worshipped by its efficiency and performance, smoothness, and power on demand. It seems like T-Motor have taken a step in the right direction. The developement of this product is focused mainly on three key points: efficiency, durability and cooling, all thanks to to a complete revamp. But words aren't just enough, it has to be proven; and this is the objective of this in-depth analysis.

We've gotten our hands on some pre-release units to test them and share the results with you. We chose the 2400Kv (there's also a 2600Kv and a 2750Kv variants) as it's the one that suits our "racing needs" the most.

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With the new BetaFlight 3.1.X we have a highly desired new functionality... We can change led colors with a transmitter potenciometer!

Led color changing is a greater advantatge to create show DDC Races. Or just know which pilot has advanced you or you have advanced him (in my case I usually see pass the leds: P)..

To get this new functionality we need the following items:

  • Addresable LEDS WS2811 type.
  • BetaFlight 3.1.X or greater.
  • Addresable LEDS Flight Controller (FC) capability.
  • A free AUX channel mapped to a transmitter potenciometer.

Go to configure it...

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We've gotten our hands on one of the first Runcam Swift 2, and we want to share with you our impressions and feelings after having tested it ourselves.

The Swift camera was quite innovative in the world of FPV cameras due its more sturdy double point support mounting bracket. This new revision brings some new stuff to the table. In this article we're going to talk speciffically about those changes, leaving aside the rest of good qualities, as by now we all know how FPV cameras are and how they work.

Without further ado, let's jump straight into it!

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FuriousFPV has done it again. Yes, once again.

They have just launched their third revision of their popular True-D Diversity Module, redesigned from the ground up, both in terms of sotfware as well as hardware. Apart from that it also incorporates new and surprising functions, which we're going to get into in this analysis.

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