We’re back to talk to you about the already well known Liftoff Drone Race Simulator. This time around we’ll focus around their latest news, the new multiplayer, which we’ve been trying for over a month and we’ve loved it!

Now, if we click on the mutiplayer tab, a sub-menu opens, where we can choose between Lobby and Leaderboards.



The first option will let us se the current ongoing public games. As it’s common in multiplayer games, before getting into the game you can see the track, the game mode (right now there’s only one mode, racing), the host’s nickname, the players in the lobby,...

We can also create our own game, which can either be public so that anyone can join or private, to invite our flying buds only.



The second option will show us the general leaderboards of all the tracks and pilots. in each we’re shown the top 5 race times, the top 5 fastest lap times and best personal times. This information resets each month. The tracks that are in the leaderboard section are both the game’s original tracks and the user created tracks.

This is actually a great option that is very good to keep people playing to get faster times.



Gameplay-wise, we must say it’s very well achieved, with practically no bugs (there’s no latency, no errors when it comes to server crashes, freezes,...) and with a very wide range of possibilities. The server’s host (the creator of the game) is in charge of the track choice, if God Mode will be on, and if the game is private or public.

Once in the game, each player can choose their drone LED color (and the trail they leave behind), which makes following one another much easier. The races are normally 3 laps long (depending on the track choice) and you race one track after the other. It’s so much fun!

We leave you one of our races; in this case 4 pilots in the track StrawBlade Track01, where you’ll be able to see the playability of the sim.


Another important thing to mention is that Liftoff also organizes events for their online users, where they can choose a track, set a limit date, and the winner must set the fastest lap. The winner gets appreciation from all the competitors, simulator merchandizing and an interview in the official simulator’s website.



  • Very fun and dynamic
  • You can compete with your friends in tracks made by yourself
  • The TOP5 results in the Leaderboard give the game a lot of life and enhance playability
  • The LED trail left by the drones



  • There isn’t a spectator mode for when the game has already started
  • Servers only accomodate 5 players at max
  • You can’t change the map once the server has been created