This time we want to show you the custom track used by the pilots of Team DDC CameraCopter to train the next DDC Cup race that will be held in late February at the Mollerussa Drone Party. We want to share with you that custom track.

MDP 2016 custom track

There is a difficult stretch, a left turn followed by an airgate, and then, followed by a full throttle stretch to overfly the tunnel. If you don't draw this stretch fine, you can lose a lot of time at this zone.

It's an "8-shapped" track with the same turns on left than right ones, there are fast and slow zones, fact that will force the pilots to choose the best compromise between the tilt of the FPV camera.

MDP 2016 custom track

MDP 2016 custom track

Link to download and install on your PC:

Download Track


And following you cand find the instructions to install it without problems:

Tracks Liftoff