Sputnik FPV has managed to create a space for itself in the drone racing world thanks to its designs, characterized by its innovative and far from ordinary frames, inspired by space.

In this artice we’ll show you one of the smallest brushless micro quads up to date: the Sputnik SP117.

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We want to present to you one of our newest frame designs. In this occasion we're going to briefly talk about the cc M1N1M, designed by @EAM5892 and @MIJABA.

This frame is the smallest brushless frame we've designed up to date: a 140 sized quad. Its main feature is that it can house all the electronics inside of it. It consists of the two plates, a 3D printed perimeter skirt and a little visor for the FPV camera.

Following, you have a detailed view at the build process of this little frame.

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In this occasion we want to share with you one of our biggest projects: the cc185X. This is a frame purely designed by us and for us (from pilots to pilots). In this frame we've gathered our desire for innovation and revolution, passion for knowledge and learning from our own errors in order to improve... This is how we, at CameraCopter, are and as a result of such an interdisciplinary and versatile team, the cc185X was born.

This frame is designed having two main restrictions in mind:

  • Max prop size of 5".
  • As minimum material as possible (which means as minimum weight as possible).

This way, we want to show you, in an illustrative way, firstly the design and the initial ideas for the frame, and secondly the challanges we've had to overcome in the build process, built by none other than our team pilot @MIJABA.

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Starting from the very beginning: I was one of the lucky guys who’s had the chance to acquire one of the 6 units of AK210 that have been cut around the world to date. The AK210 is a frame fully designed by @Kete and @asiero, and it was them who personally gave it to me at the MDP2016.

A few months have gone by since that happened, but I’ve finally found some spare time to get into it and finish the build. In the following lines you can find my impressions and particularities of the fantastic build of the AK210.



The components I've chosen are quite standard nowadays. It’s a common build, tested internally by our Team. The components are the following:

  • Frame: AK210
  • FC: Naze rev6 genuine
  • ESC: Little Bee 20A
  • Motors: Cobra 2204 2300kV
  • PDB: Matek PDB LED & POWER HUB 5 in 1 v3
  • Camera: HS1177
  • VTx: Skyzone TS58400
  • Receiver: Frsky X4R
  • Propellers: DALprop Triblade T5045 V2
  • Screws: Purple aluminium screws

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T3D presentation

This is the T3D, a tricopter that’s fully designed using Google Sketchup, and printed at home with a desktop 3D Printer. The only parts that aren’t made out of plastic are the arms. For them, I chose to use carbon fiber, for it’s greater physical properties, as they’re one of the parts that most suffer in the event of a crash.

The main goals of this project were getting used to the CAD software as well as introducing myself in the emerging world of 3D Printing.

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