With the new BetaFlight 3.1.X we have a highly desired new functionality... We can change led colors with a transmitter potenciometer!

Led color changing is a greater advantatge to create show DDC Races. Or just know which pilot has advanced you or you have advanced him (in my case I usually see pass the leds: P)..

To get this new functionality we need the following items:

  • Addresable LEDS WS2811 type.
  • BetaFlight 3.1.X or greater.
  • Addresable LEDS Flight Controller (FC) capability.
  • A free AUX channel mapped to a transmitter potenciometer.

Go to configure it...


Step 1

LEDs Connection

We connect the leds to the led strip pin of our FC. In this example we are using the X-Racer v3.1 FC, that it has the led strip pin near to servos


Step 2

Flash Betaflight

We flash our FC with a Betaflight 3.1.X or greater version. There are a thousands of tutorials in internet that explains how to flash a FC with BetaFlight. The following link is a searching link google:

Link aquí


Step 3

LED Strip configuration in BetaFlight.

Now start the goal of this article,we start configuring the led strip option in Betaflight.

Go to the Led Strip Section, put the number of leds that we have and we configure the led strip with:

  • Function: Color
  • Color modifier: Aux X where X is the potenciometer channel.
  • Select a default color.

Once the parameters are configured press the button Save and ¡We have it!