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Last Sunday, 13th November, taking advantage of the fact that there weren’t any official events, the CameraCopter team organized the first intra-team race!

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Drone Riders - GP1 - Crònica

It's been a few weeks that we have been talking about it, a drone championship that it's taking the Spanish drone competition into another level. Setting a new milestone on the Spanish drone championship as it will be the first time that a drone championship will be fully televised in the country. The event organization is being taken by our DDC colleges www.dronesdecarreras.com) and BTV (www.btv.cat) as the media producers and streamers.

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What's Drone Riders?

Drone Riders is exactly what all people on FPV hobby has always requested, a TV program where this hobby is explained exactly as it is, doing additionally an exceptional coverage of, probably, what it is the best FPV championship across Europe.

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First weekend of Autumn and according to weather forecasts, rainfall almost every weekend so the team decides to go to train to a place where the weather will not be a problem. The place is an abandoned industrial warehouse. The site is large and mostly clean so it seems ideal to burn some lips batteries. The inconvenient ... crashes are quite hard, so it was not a matter of pushing to hard and finish the weekend badly.

Here you have a short video in which you can see the progress of the different team pilots.

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A few months back we were asked to organize an exhibition where we could show in as much detail the world of multirotor racing. After a few reunions and visits to the site to check if it had the minimum requirements to fly safely, the D day arrived.

The team members that went to the event met at noon to start preparing both the track and the audiovisual part. The idea was to build a simple track, given the small size of the place, and our goal for the day is to simply show what racing is all about, and at the same time show in a couple TV screens what the pilots are looking at as they fly, as well as showing videos of our youtube channel ( and it also adds a good vibe as the audio was played through some speakers).

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