Last Sunday, 13th November, taking advantage of the fact that there weren’t any official events, the CameraCopter team organized the first intra-team race!

In it, 10 of our pilots raced prop to prop. We organized ourselves into two 5-pilot heats:


Heat 1 Heat 2
Pijuli GasGas
EAM5892 MR.O
Bignose Rafstyle
Armengol13 Xavisu


The main goal was to have a different kind of morning, having fun and at the same time fighting against “race feels”, generated by the pressure of the race’s format. The track we layed out was quite tight and without any straight line at all. The average lap time was at around 16s.

The format of the event was the following:

  • Two practice heats.
  • Two qualifying rounds; the best one of which would then get the pilot to one of the finals (A Final: top 5 pilots and B Final: the remaining 5 pilots).

This way we achived an equal number of flights in the track and maximized the fun for everyone.

After the practice rounds, where MR.O and Rafstyle surprised us with their regular pace, we got onto the qualifiers!

After the qualifiers, the pilots for each final were sorted:

Final A

JR_Acro (1’52”), Armengol13 (1’59”), Bignose (2’00”), Pijuli (2’05”) and EAM5892 (2’11”)

Final B

GasGas (2’31”), MR.O (3’17”), Rafstyle (3’24”), MIJABA (N/A) and Xavisu (N/A)

As it’s quite usual in this sort of race format, the B final was first flown and the A final afterwards.


Final B

MIJABA (2’18”), GasGas (2’31”), Xavisu (N/A), MR.O (N/A), Rafstyle (N/A)


Final A

Armengol13 (1’48”), JR_Acro (1’49”), Bignose (2’00”), Pijuli (2’07”) y EAM5892 (2’09”)


With these results and so much laughter, we called it a day, each pilot getting 2 sets of the new DAL Prop Cyclone, provided by DAL Prop themselves, and the top 5 pilots also brought home an excellent Brute Power 1300 mAh 65C LiPo, courtesy of our sponsor, SLS!


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